North Lakes Farmers Market

North Lakes Farmers Market Moreton Bay Region, Queensland

Welcome to North Lakes Farmers Market. Brisbane’s one-stop market for getting all your fresh farm produce. The market seeks to bridge the existing gaps between consumers and the market.

You can get all you need for your cooking and the actualisation of your recipes. The market is filled with varieties, and you can choose the items you desire.

The market also serves the purpose of giving growers more visibility for their products. More growers can make more money from their farm produce by bridging the gap between the farm and the people.


Born from the necessity of establishing a hub for fresh produce, our business has centered its services around this fundamental premise. North Lakes Market isn't your typical marketplace.


Our mission is to fulfill the diverse needs of our community through the provision of fresh, quality produce. The North Lakes Market has been designed with a specific purpose in mind: to address and fill the prevalent gap that hinders local growers from reaching their full sales potential.

Cook & Eat

Experience the joy of cooking and savoring top-quality farm produce when you shop at North Lake Markets. A growing number of community members are beginning to appreciate the true value of our market and the superior grade of produce we offer.


There's a vast array of recipes at your disposal to add an exciting twist to your culinary adventures and create delectable meals. If you're a gastronome who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, acquiring new recipes can lead to exceptional culinary outcomes.

Food Tips & Guides

Cooking demands careful attention and thorough preparation, particularly if you aim to achieve specific outcomes. To optimize your culinary endeavors, it is essential to familiarize yourself with various tips and guidelines.

What’s Fresh

The uniqueness of this market lies in its provision of fresh agricultural products. This distinct feature serves as its primary selling point. The items available are delivered directly from the farms to the marketplace.


The market is carefully structured into separate departments, each showcasing a different range of products. This categorization has been implemented with the intention of promoting a seamless shopping experience. Visitors can effortlessly navigate through the clearly marked sections, allowing them to quickly locate their desired items. Further adding to the convenience, the layout encourages a natural flow of traffic, reducing congestion and maintaining a comfortable shopping environment. Signages are strategically placed, directing customers to the respective departments and making it easy to find whatever one needs without unnecessary confusion or wasted time. From fresh produce to bakery goods, dairy products to meat and fish, each department has been designed to showcase its offerings attractively and conveniently. Additionally, the departments help customers familiarize themselves with the market's layout, fostering a sense of familiarity and ease that can greatly enhance the shopping experience.

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